Digital FOKUS-kväll: The economics of penetration testing in the new threat landscape – 9/3

FOKUS-träff Fyrljus hPenetration testing has long been a tried and tested method to simulate attack against companies’ IT systems to find exploitable vulnerabilities before anyone does. But is the price tag worth it?

Research shows 3 in 4 businesses are currently initiating security testing to comply with operation standards or improve their security posture. Whilst a pen test can expose critical security issues, the hefty price tag and lengthy report don’t help a company build up the knowledge and expertise to prevent all possible breaches. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing threat landscape, are pricy red team exercises still worth it?

In this webinar we will turn the multi-million security testing market on its head and explain the economics of a pen testing:

  • Why pen testing matters, when and how often should you do it
  • The true cost of a pen test that nobody tells you
  • Pen test vs automated assessment
  • What a modern security testing should look like in the new threat landscape
  • How to get the best value your money (or budget) can buy from security testing

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