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Welcome to SIG Security! Sweden's largest information security community

SIG Security is a non-profit organization with about 700 members. The board is appointed by the members at the annual meeting. SIG Security - founded in 1980 - is a community for people working within the information security area, and the members come from all different parts of society.

About SIG Security

The organization's main issue is to give rise to the understanding of and inspire to the work within the information security area by:

  • Influencing the development of solutions to critical issues within the information security area
  • Promoting and developing the members contacts and exchange of experiences within as well as outside SIG Security
  • Taking initiative to urgent  measures for development and spreading of knowledge
  • Promoting and influencing educations and conferences within the information security area
  • Promoting a sound and positive development of information security within industry, public administration and the society as a whole.

For further information, please contact us! e-mail: